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G.B.Sports is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Rubber Balloons in India. The company was established in 1996 in Meerut (UP). We shifted from manual process of manufacturing Rubber Balloons to Automatic process in the year 2007. We manufacturer latex balloons, which include Party Balloons, Decoration Balloons, Bladder Balloons and also manufacturer Cricket Rubber Balls. We market our products by the brand name JINNI BALLOONS and JUMBO BALLOONS. The company markets its products across the entire country and also exports it to various countries. We manufacture and supply everything you need for balloon decoration, whether it is for a social occasion or a corporate function. Our range of latex balloons covers a huge range of colours and shapes. You can choose from Standard, Metallic, Pearl, Neon etc. We also produce Long Balloons like modelling balloons, Spiral shape balloons etc. We have continuously researched and developed high-quality balloons, developing and designing a multiplicity of product types through research and a continuous commitment to innovation.

Apart from Rubber Balloons, G.B.Sports is one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of Cricket rubber balls. And only the best raw materials and skilled craftsmanship are used to manufacture these Cricket Rubber Balls.

Although there has been considerable competition in the market, G.B.Sports has maintained its position as one of the leaders in development, design, quality and innovation of its products. Our process of manufacturing, although is automated is environment friendly. We are highly appreciated in the market for the superior quality and value of our goods. We consider meeting our customers requirements and providing them maximum satisfaction in a very economical manner as our sole responsibility.



G.B. Sports
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